Gamification and games for marketing

Let us help you reach your customers with our gamification method.


What We Do

Online games for marketing

We tailor make a game for you to use in your brands online advertisement or marketing campaigns. Increase and drive your traffic much more efficient, at the same time have consumers spending time with your brand in an engaging way.

Sales campaigns

Let us help you design a digital campaign that increases your sales instantly. We will help you develop the concept, all necessary platforms and getting your campaign out there. Have your customers participate in competitions, collecting digital stamps, in-store engagement, cash back and much more to drive your sales.


Let us make your information material for employees, customers, students and others to become more interactive and engaging. Your content will be transformed into custom made apps and platforms for you to innovate the way you educate, measure, sale, communicate or engage with anyone.

Why games for marketing?

When you are using games as part of marketing you use game elements such as challenges, goals and rewards to communicate with customer and create another level of engagement. It is more than just ‘playing games’, it is about content engagement. Using games as part of your marketing makes your message fun and much easier to get across. See below just 5 reasons how games could help your marketing.

  • Increased brand awareness and communication of your message.
  • Increased engagement from consumers and visitors on web pages.
  • Increased probability for increased sales within a short time period.
  • Potential to collect valuable consumer data and analytics.
  • Increased ROI and results from your other marketing efforts.

Our impact in numbers

500 000

played game rounds

1 000 000

social media impressions


hours of gameplay


satisfied customers